14 nov. 2012

Is increasing private expenditure, especially in tertiary education

Is increasing private expenditure, especially in tertiary education,
associated with less public funding and less equitable access?

 Private expenditure on education is increasing, especially in tertiary education...

..but this increase did not occur at the expense of public funding.

Education Indicators in Focus 8

In OECD countries, 16.0% of total educational expenditure for all levels of education came from
private sources in 2009, compared to 12.2% in 2000.

...higher share of private expenditure in tertiary education is not associated
with more limited or inequitable access.

In general, the relative share of private expenditure seems to have little impact on access to tertiary education.Other factors seem to be more powerful in explaining inequitable access to higher education and educational mobility between generations, such as social disparities and social segregation between schools at the secondary level.

INES  (INdicators of Educations Systems)

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