15 may. 2007

What are they looking for?

They are getting ready to see the universe born again.

“For me,” Dr. Gianotti said, “it would be a dream if, finally, in a couple of years in a laboratory we are going to produce the particle responsible for 25 percent of the universe.”

“In this business, society is prepared to support particle physics at a certain level,” Dr. Evans saids. “If you want society to accept this work which is not cheap, you have to be really innovative.”

“If the Higgs or something like it doesn’t exist,” Dr. Arkani-Hamed said, “then some very basic things like quantum mechanics are wrong.”

Dr. Arkani-Hamed said the tension was keeping him awake at night. “Nobody knows how this is going to go,” he said. “That’s what makes it so cool. The experiment itself is so spectacular.”
Sipping an espresso in his office, Dr. Mangano refused to consider the possibility of failure. “It’s like saying suppose you drive into a tree on the way home,” he said. “Let’s hope we get home safely and we see something.”

(...)Para mantener la superconductividad de los imanes (cuyos componentes se han fabricado en un centenar de empresas de varios países) es clave el sistema criogénico, que mantendrá todo el anillo de 27 kilómetros a 271 grados bajo cero.

Y mientras tanto el Papa en Brasil luchando contra los evangelistas o contra si mismo: "El Catolicismo no llegó por imposición a los pueblos originarios de América". Este sigue todavía las normas de la casa de la Sidra.

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