21 may. 2007

Estamos desfasados, luego somos invisibles o somos invisibles por estar desfasados

With a new super-high-end men’s store, the former Gucci designer explores who he is without all that libido to sell.

But Tom Ford, among other ostentatiously masculine habits, doesn’t wear underwear

Men have been very crude for a long time—I mean, you walk down the street and guys scream, ‘Hey, baby!’”

I feel,” he says breathily, “that I am keyed into the female consciousness.”

There’s really nowhere in the world that my name isn’t known,”

I am my own muse,”

I still like looking at naked people, even if I don’t quite look the way I used to without my clothes on,” he says. “It’s part of our nature, wanting sex; you eat tonight and you think you’re full, but then tomorrow you’re hungry again. Now there’s all this cartoon sex because porn is so widespread—the girl going he he he he and the guy going uh uh uh uh—so boring. Imagine a hundred years ago, when you were just drawn to the person—imagine all the weird sex that happened! They didn’t know what to do, they just did what they liked. Think of how perverted it must’ve been…”

“I feel that I’ve controlled my image too much, and no one knows who I really am.”

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