18 mar. 2014

The American Medical Association officially declared obesity a disease in June 2013 (AMA, 2013).

The weight of nations

The growing rate of obesity is one of the most significant health trends in
OECD countries and increasingly, in Brazil, Russia, India and China, the “BRIC”
countries. Perhaps surprisingly, this health trend is also strongly linked to lower
educational attainment – both as a cause and as an effect.

A Collaborative Approach Against Obesity Schools

+ Teach healthy habits 
+ Offer nutritious food options 
+ Create opportunities for physical activity 

+ Embrace a healthy lifestyle 
+ Provide healthy foods at home 
+ Encourage physical activity 

+ Develop prevention policies 
+ Regulate the food industry 
+ Monitor and track BMI 

& NGOs 

+ Advocate for obesity prevention measures 
+ Disseminate information 
+ Monitor stakeholder activities 


+ Develop nutritious and tasty food products 
+ Refrain from marketing unhealthy foods to children 

Los efectos de la Dieta Mediterránea

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