14 mar. 2014

How old are the teachers?

More than one-third of male primary school teachers in OECD countries are now over 50 years old.

Across OECD countries, the average age of secondary school teachers has increased by one month
every year in the last decade.

 Only a few countries have managed to develop policies which lower the average age
of teachers significantly.

 Increasing the numbers of female teachers no longer lowers the average age,
as the female teaching workforce is ageing faster than its male counterpart.

How old are the teachers?

The teaching workforce continues to age at a high pace, skewing the age distribution
among teachers, in some countries quite dramatically. This may have important consequences for teacher
recruitment, salary and retraining costs, as well as for the adoption of innovation, and may distance
teachers from the lives of their students. Governments should intensify their efforts to make teaching an
attractive career choice and prepare for the need for mass replacements in the coming years.

The ever growing generation gap in the classroom

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