23 feb. 2012

M4TEMOZIOA - Alfio Quarteroni in Bilbao

Ayer en el Paraninfo de la UPV, dentro de la Catedra de cultura cientifica que dirige, Juan Ignacio Pérez Iglesias nos deleitó en ingles sobre el uso de las Matematicas, las formulas y modelos matemáticos, en campos como La Internet, Medicina , Tecnología y otras perspectivas Alfio Quarteroni

Iñako, agurtu ondoren Enrique Zuazuak hizlariaren aurkezpena egin zuen ingelesez.

Alfio speaks about the use of Mathematics using Galileo’s Legacy by Mathematical modeling in Medicine, Technology and other applications.

With matrix computations we search in the web more than 10 billion web pages and 1.5000 million users and it is possible to send by Iphone pictures by FWT (Fast Wireless Transform). It is possible to see water, waves, butterfly fish and many things as a mathematical model or a formula.

The real world will be seen as a matematical model with its ecuations. Galileo ( 1564-1642) in the book of nature
was the first to use Matematical language to explain life things.

Math is not destructive and a lot of methematical models are using in Brain knoledge, the oxigen-difusion and blood presion, for Sports ( olimpic games).

Math is our Lab because is cheap, fast and optimal. The las aplication wil be SOLAR IMPULSE Airplane

, American Cup.

All this is not easy but is posible. Thanks Alfio.

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