24 jun. 2016

Are low performers missing learning opportunities?

Are low performers missinglearning opportunities?

Although low performers should invest more time and effort in their studies, they seldom do. One reason is because they often feel that they get no return on their investment: more studying does not automatically lead to better marks in school. But with the right kind of in-school support, including creative and engaging mathematics-related activities, low performers might begin to develop an interest in mathematics and positive attitudes towards learning – both of which could propel them back to their books.

In almost every country and economy that participated in PISA 2012, low performers showed less perseverance than better-performing students. For instance, about 32% of low performers said they give up on solving problems easily compared to only 13% of better-performing students who so reported. Low performers perceive their efforts in after-school learning activities to be unproductive. Despite similar self-reported efforts invested in studying for mathematics quizzes, 81% of top performers in mathematics agreed that they were prepared for mathematics exams compared to only 56% of low performers. Low performers who did mathematics as an extracurricular activity were much more interested in mathematics than those who did not..

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