8 nov. 2011

Read for enjoy

Do students today read for pleasure?

Fewer students today are reading for pleasure, even though
daily reading for pleasure is associated with better performance in school
and with adult reading proficiency. The challenge for parents and educators
is to instill a sense of pleasure in reading by providing reading materials
that students find interesting and relevant.

Japan is the only country where fewer than two-thirds of students read for enjoyment daily in 2009 and where this proportion represented a large increase over levels observed in 2000.

Reading for pleasure is associated with girls

Girls greatly outnumber boys among students who read for enjoyment, and the gap between boys and girls widened between 2000 and 2009 by three percentage points across the OECD area. In 2000, 60% of boys and 77% of girls read for enjoyment; by 2009, these percentages had dropped to 54% and 74%, respectively.

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