6 sept. 2011

Books and bits: What Will School Look Like in 10 Years?

In Classroom of Future, Stagnant Scores.

The future of technology in the classroom, visit the Bits blog
Mr. Cuban believes that change in education will not come as quickly as many predict. He noted that some reformers have been attempting to end summer vacation for decades. “Summer is still here,” he said.

The classrooms that used the laptops the most often were not necessarily the most successful.As schools rely more on laptops and mobile devices, it is crucial to determine when students benefit from the presence of the computers and when teachers should put them away, he said.

Strategic recommendations:
Focus on learning with technology, not about technology.
Emphasize content and pedagogy, and not just hardware.
Give special attention to professional development.
Engage in realistic budgeting.
Ensure equitable, universal access.
Initiate a major program of experimental research.

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