23 nov. 2010

IMAGINE: EDUCATION for 2109 & Beyond Bilbao, Spain November 27th, 2010

Greg Rivera,Artistscientist and evolutionary systems designer

Pablo Garaizar (@txipi) is a Computer Engineer and Psychologist who works at University of Deusto as a lecturer and researcher.

Maite Goñi

Maite Goñi (@euskaljakintza) has a degree inBasque Philology from the University of Deusto and another in English Philology from the UPV-EHU. She is currently a lecturer at Mondragon Unibertsitatea (working in the field of ICT in education) and a teacher at Jakintza Ikastola in Ordizia (teaching Basque Language and Literature).

In recognition that Bilbao & Basque Country is an arena for innovation, originality, and excellence, we have chosen to invite, mainly “invisible leaders” to present their own ideas at TEDxBilbao, and perhaps more importantly, to discuss each other’s ideas. Our group of attendees and speakers will represent some of the brightest minds from the Bilbao community & “surroundings” and will come from diverse backgrounds and disciplines.

Karen Hill Scott
Founder and President of Karen Hill Scott and Company, she is a nationally renowned child development expert whose start as a preschool teacher evolved into a wide-ranging career blending university teaching, research, consulting, and public service.

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