6 abr. 2016

How Bad Is Being Poor for Educational Performance? -PISA 2012

Equality of opportunity is a lofty ideal, but some societies get closer to achieving it than others. Regarding compulsory education, results from PISA show that socio-economically disadvantaged students in the OECD have much higher chances of being low performers than their socio-economically advantaged peers. And also, that they have much lower chances of being high performers.

(..) disadvantaged students are four times more likely to have competencies that put them at risk for their future participation in the labour market and society more broadly. In contrast, advantaged students are five times more likely than their disadvantaged peers to enjoy competencies that give them much better chances for the future.

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How Bad Is Being Poor for Educational Performance?  
A Message from PISA 2012, by Antonio Villar  - 

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